Urbana Self Care Bundle

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Create a spa in the comfort of your own home.  Decadent fragrances are created in the finest fragrance houses of France and Italy by European Soaps.  Five different scents to choose from. 

Citrus and Seed,   a zesty and refreshing blend of grapefruit,  orange,  cassis,  and musket.

Salt and Sand,  a soft mix of floral and citrus with a splash of coconut and vanilla.

Roots and Rain,  a soothing green tea blended with citrus,  rose,  saffron,  and papyrus.

Buds and Bloom,   a fresh and floral scent with cedar,  rose,  yang-ylang,  musk,  and amber.

Sun and Sky,  an invigorating floral with  citrus notes of mango,  thyme,  and sandalwood.

Each set contains a  candle, bath salts and soap.    The 2.5 oz soy and paraffin wax candle has a burn time of 10+ hours.  The soap,  made of shea,  coconut butters,  and almond oil,  will add moisture to your skin leaving behind a delightful smell.   Soak in a luxurious bath with the salts,  infused with natural mineral salts from the caves of Sicily.

What a wonderful relaxing way to spend an evening. 

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