Kids Glitter Goldfish Sandals

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In Japan, it's customary to remove your shoes when you enter a home. People will often change into slippers or house shoes instead.  In our current world, taking off our shoes before we enter our homes will help prevent bacteria & viruses from being brought into our home environment.  For little ones that need extra smiles, try changing into these fun goldfish sandals from Japanese designers, Time Concept.

These ultra comfortable fish shaped sandals are really fun to wear! They're made of EVA copolymer resin, and mold to your feet when you wear them.  You'll leave fish prints wherever you go, and the googly eyes will make you smile!

Available in two fun glitter shades of pink & mint

One size only (fits toddler size 11.5 through child size 1)

No shipping to AK or HI

*not available for in-store pick up*


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